Georgian citizen farmers are welcomed to participate in the National Agricultural Olympiad (NAO). The potential participants may have no academic degrees in the agricultural fields, but due to the fact that they are involved in to the agricultural sector, by managing their own farms, they have the experience and knowledge needed for the participation and gain the success in the National Agricultural Olympiad (NAO).

For the farmers NAO is planned to be provide in the following agricultural fields:

The test-Questions determined for farmers contain the following agricultural fields:

  • Viticulture - Vineyard establishment, handling rules, modern IPM and INM schemes
  • Fruit-growing - Establishment, characterization of the basic breeds, handling rules, modern IPM and INM schemes
  • Vegetable growing – Handling rules, characterization of the basic breeds and hybrids produced in Georgia, integrated pest management methods and techniques
  • Organic farming – Basic principles of the organic farming

Winners will be revealed in each selected agricultural field. Or in other words - prizes are planned to be awarded in each selected agricultural field and the ratings of the winners will be provided separately as well.

From the agricultural fields selected for NAO the most interesting fields for the farmers may be the Agronomy. Eeven though the farmers are welcomed to choose any agricultural field from the above mentioned fields.

The competitors of the participant farmer of NAO will be only other farmers and not the specialists or students

The first place winning farmer and the farmers achieving the II and III places in the rating of NAO will be awarded with various types of valuable prizes. Besides, the popularization campaign of the winners will be provided on the national level by the organizers of the projects and by the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Georgia.

In relation to farmers, the basic goal of NAO is to identify and promote the Georgian farmers highly specialized in their work and farm and support them. This approach will have the positive influence on the popularization process of the goods produced by the winner farmers.

The additional information about the rules of the participation in NAO is presented on the following link.