The knowledge evaluation under the frames of NAO will be provided by testing of the participant target groups (the specialists, students and farmers) in the priority agricultural fields selected according to the results of the conducted research of the labor market and agricultural educational sector (Universities and Vocational Education sector-colleges) of Georgia.

Within the framework of the above-mentioned research the study of the existing educational programs, modules and syllabuses was conducted and the most demanded complex of the professional skills were identified for the existing labor market of Georgia.

Based on the results of the conducted research, for the first season of the NAO, the following agricultural fields were selected:

Agricultural sciences, agronomy – IPM agro-chemistry and organic agriculture

Priority subjects/themes: phytopathology, entomology, chemical plant protection, soil nutrition/agro-chemistry, the basis of the the organic agriculture.     


Priority subjects/themes: Basic diseases of cattle, poultry and sheep – identification, prevention and treatment methods.

Vine-making technology

Priority subjects/themes: Modern vine-making technologies with the consideration of the vineyard disposition and agro-climatic conditions, vine processing and bottling methods and technologies, vine microbiology, wine chemistry, the existing zones and micro zones of viticulture in Georgia.

Food technology

Priority subjects/themes: Bio chemistry and micro biology of the food products, quality control management methods, food safety.

Agricultural mechanization

Priority subjects/themes: Classification of the existing basic agricultural machinery types and the basic principles of their functioning.


Priority subjects/themes: Forest biodiversity protection, artificial afforestation – handling and management rules of the nurseries, identification methods of the basic insect pests, mites, and diseases (fungal, bacterial, viral) of the key arboreal plant varieties disseminated in the forests of Georgia.

NAO for farmers

Priority subjects/themes: Viticulture, Fruit-Growing, Vegetable Growing, Organic Agriculture. 

The additional information about farmer`s participation is considered on the following link

Tests. Each test contains a certain number of test-questions in the selected agricultural fields. The test-questions have four estimated answers (one correct and three incorrect). They are sorted in three categories according to difficulty levels and each category has a definite number of points: “Easy” questions (correct answer - 1 point) “Questions of medium difficulty” (correct answer - 2 points) and “Difficult” questions (correct answer - 3 points).

The tests are elaborated by the NGO “Agricultural Development Association”, by means of applying the relevant fundamental agricultural literature and materials produced by the private sector and the sectorial international donor organizations in Georgia.

In each selected agricultural field the tests were elaborated by the experts and scientists of the relevant fields  

Target potential participant groups. The National Agro-Olympiad has three categories of the potential participant groups:

Specialist/Expert/Researcher – The person who has the academic degree and/or provides the research/researches of the agricultural sector;

Student – The person, getting education in the agricultural field and having a bachelor student status at the moment of the registration;

Farmer – The person having no academic degree in agricultural science but directly or indirectly involved in the process of agricultural production.

Winners will be revealed in each selected agricultural field. Or in other words - prizes are planned to be awarded in each selected agricultural field and the ratings of the winners will be provided separately as well.   

Participants of the NAO can choose only one agricultural field for testing their competences. 

NAO will be held in three stages:

I stage – interest expression.  At this stage the potential participants of NAO will have the opportunity to obtain the information regarding the existing rules, requirements and conditions. Afterwards, the participants are welcome to go through the registration process on the web-based platform. At this stage it is important to mention the status of the participant (specialist, student or farmer).

II stageparticipation in the first round (web-based testing). Once the registration process is finished, the first round of NAO will be held. Within the frames of the first round the testing of the participants will be provided with home-based principles – using the online agro testing platform created by ADA. As a result of the first round, TOP 10 participants with the best results will be selected in each chosen agricultural field for the second and final rounds of NAO.

III stage – participation in the second round. At the third stage the second round testing of the selected participants will be provided on the concrete location or locations.

The testing is planned to be held by using special agro-testing software created by ADA or with the format of printed tests. This round will reveal the winners of the current season of NAO. Winners will be revealed according to the numbers of collected points. In total, three prize places will be revealed in each agricultural field (I place, II place and III place) according to the mentioned status by the participants (specialist, student or farmer). Also, the NAO rating of the season will be created in which the participants will be grouped according to their collected numbers of points.

Overall information about the tests

The number of tests in each selected agricultural field – three (one for the first round, one for the second round and one for the reserve – in case two participants collect the equal number of points during the second round);

The maximum number of test-questions in the tests – 60 (20 Easy” category questions, correct answer - 1 point; 20 Questions of medium difficulty, correct answer - 2 points and 20 “Difficult” category questions correct answer - 3 points);

The number of estimated answers in each test-question - 4 (one correct and three incorrect);

The maximum number of points from one test – 120

Transparency and inclusiveness.  Based on the goals of the project, it is important to develop and implement the formats of maximum engagement of the interested actors – universities, vocational education sector and training centers (VET), the donor organizations of the relevant profile, public and private sectors, and to provide high quality of dissemination of the information about the project. Hence, the activities in terms of the engagement of the interested parties have been initiated and will continue during the implementation period.

Training mechanism. With the purpose of preparing and training for NAO the potential participants have the opportunity to train their skills using the web-based agro-testing platform. It contains a big number of tests and test-questions in various agricultural fields.

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