The one of key goals of NAO is the popularization of the agricultural professions and raising awareness in environment protection field among the school-age youth. Hence, within the framework of NAO, the pupils’ involvement is planned. With purpose, the conception focused on providing NAO for pupils was developed.

According to above-mentioned conception, the NAO will be provided separately for school-age youth, using the relevant adopted complex of the test questions created directly for the purposes of this target-category - maximally adopted with ongoing learning programs in the subjects related to the natural sciences.

The rules of the NAO for participation and revealing winners for pupils are similiar to the rules of the NAO for adults. With the diference that for the NAO for pupils only one category for testing will be applied, containing the test-questions from the following fields::

  1. Environment protection;
  2. Beekeeping;
  3. Vegetable plant growing;
  4. Fruit growing;
  5. Animal husbandry.

In the National Agro-Olympiad for pupils the school-age youth (from 14 to 18) pupils of the public and private schools or sectorial colleges are welcome for the participation.

 Overall information about the tests

  • The number of tests in each selected field - 3 (one for the first round, one for the second round and one for the reserve – in case two participants collect the equal number of points during the second round);
  • The number of test-questions in each test - 36 (6-6 questions from each above-mentioned field. 12 “Easy” category questions, correct answer - 1 point; 12 Questions of medium difficulty, correct answer - 2 points and 12 “Difficult” category questions, correct answer - 3 points);
  • The number of estimated answers in each test-question - 4 (one correct and three incorrect);
  • The maximum number of points from one test - 72

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